Salam Dari Kami

Greetings From Us

Dr. Azuma Kamada

The doctor who was born in Chiba – Japan in 1992 who completed his medical education at Tarumanagara University is part of the Takenoko Group's Next Generation.

Our task is to provide excellent service to all patients. Give guests feel right at home to foreign patients, especially the Japanese were very anxious because of language differences. We always cooperate with all medical divisions provide services with a vengeance, “Cure with Care” in carrying out services to patients is one of my philosophy.

Takenoko it's been 15 years serving 24 hours a day and always strive to provide the best services to the patients. When this pandemic, even though time is short, we still strive to provide the best service. We understand the concerns of the community will need medical services that are not likely to be postponed. Therefore we provide a service Telemedice and Home Visit.

Thank you for entrusting your health to us, we will always improve our service and provide the best for You