Takenoko Cikarang

Takenoko Cikarang

We are a clinic that provides primary health care with the quality standards of Japan in the area Lippo Cikarang. Located on the 3rd floor of the Hospital Hosana Medica lippo Cikarang, we can provide the best medical treatment by a team of doctors of our professionals, supported by laboratory tests that are comprehensive, and treatment plan as well as the latest cutting-edge treatment.

We also work with specialist doctors from leading hospitals around the area Cikarang, to ensure You get the best health services.

Our clinic has more than 5 years experience in handling both local and foreign, in particular patients of Japanese expatriates around the area Cikarang

Information Clinic

Address :

Hosana Medica Lippo Cikarang, 3rd Floor Jl. The main BIIE No. 01 Lippo Cikarang – Indonesia

Contact :

Whatsapp : 0878-7606-9041

Tel : +62 21 89909575

Email : cikarang@takenokogroup.com

Operating Hours :

Monday - Sunday (National Holiday): 08.00-20.00 

New Year ・Lebaran: Closed

  1. Doctor Consultation Public
  2. Dentist
  3. Pharmaceutical
  4. Laboratory
  5. Service “One Day Care”
  6. Vaccination
  7. Physiotherapy
  8. Medical Check-Up
  9. Consulting a Specialist is appropriate indication to the hospital partners
  10. Accompany the patient if need referral to a hospital.
  11. Daily Monitoring by the Doctor and the Nurse
  12. Direct communication between the Doctors and Nurses with a Specialist hospital partners.
  13. Receive a “Cashless Service (Japanese Insurance/OTI)” and other insurance.
  14. Japanese language translators experienced in Japan.
  15. Telemedicine
General Practitioner

General PractitionerProfileMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
dr. Ricky Albert Husnidokter ricky-min08.00 -17.0008.00-17.0008.00-17.0008.00-17.0008.00-17.00
dr. David Dwiprakosodokter david-min08.00 – 20.0008.00 – 20.0008.00 – 20.00


drg. Melissa Febriany Yokohadinatadrg. melisa-min14.00 -17.0014.00 -17.0014.00 -17.0014.00 -17.0014.00 – 20.0014.00 -17.00