Fisiotherapi – Golf menyakiti tubuh saya!!

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Golf hurts my body !!

Golf hurts my body !! Why should I treat with physical therapy (manipulative treatment) instead of massage?

Have you ever experienced "golf has hurt your lower back" or "shoulder pain is severe (golf shoulder)"? Golf is an exercise that twists the whole body over the waist, legs, and shoulders, so it is easy for the body to lose balance, and in many cases it is not just a muscle pain.

When it gets worse, not only chronic stiff shoulders, low back pain, and knee pain, but also nausea, headache, and difficulty walking can interfere with daily life.

Physical pain caused by golf is not just muscle pain, but other disorders may be caused by physical strain. In that case, it is necessary to make adjustments from the ground up, not just a massage.

3 Causes of Golf Hurt

In the first place, what causes golf to hurt your body? Unlike other sports, there are causes unique to golf.

1. Overuse your back muscles that you do not normally use This comes from the big twisting movement of the swing. This movement leads to muscle aches by twisting the back and lower back, which are not normally used, over and over again.

2. Muscles harden by not walking on the golf course In a large golf course, it is rare to move on foot, and it is common to move on a golf cart. However, in reality, walking during a round has the effect of balancing the body that is biased by the swing.

3. Neglect massage stretch If you move your muscles without prior stretching, the unheated muscles will suddenly try to stretch, causing you to cramp or injure yourself. Don't forget to stretch your legs and back as well as your arms and hips.

Let's cure from the ground up with physical therapy to balance the body

If you hurt yourself due to golf, many people think that a normal massage will cure you.

However, in golf, in addition to muscle pain, the left-right balance of the body is often lost, which often interferes with daily life. For example, the distortion of the scapula may cause a stoop or the pain may make it impossible to bend and stretch the joints.

It is a characteristic of golfers who often move in the same direction that the left-right balance of the body is lost even if they do not notice it by themselves.

In order to adjust this balance, it is recommended to use manipulative treatment. A pinpoint treatment is performed where the muscles are stiff and the nerves are being pressed. Furthermore, by removing the distortion and displacement of the pelvis and shoulder blades and adjusting the balance, we will fundamentally improve the strain of the body.


Unlike other sports, golf has a lot of twisting movements in the same direction. Therefore, if you do not take sufficient care, your body will lose its left-right balance, which often interferes with your daily life.
To prevent serious illness, try stretching, walking on the golf course, and manipulative treatment to adjust your body strain on a daily basis.

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