Takenoko Clinic provides a variety of Covid-19 screening options to suit your needs! Antibody testing for the Corona virus or SARS CoV2 can be done in several ways. Before carrying out a Covid-19 examination, let's identify the types of Covid-19 examinations.

  1. PCR Test
  2. Rapid Test Antibody
  3. Rapid Test Antigen
  1. Examination of the PCR

PCR examination is one of the examinations to confirm the diagnosis of Covid-19 with swab samples from the back of the nose and throat to detect the presence of the SARS-CoV2 virus. This examination has a higher level of accuracy for diagnosing conditions exposed to Covid-19 compared to other types of examinations.

Kami melayani pemeriksaan PCR yang dapat dilakukan di klinik atau di lokasi yang sesuai permintaan Anda.

Bagi Anda yang memerlukan pemeriksaan PCR untuk kepentingan penerbangan, kami juga dapat menyiapkan dokumen sesuai permintaan Anda.

  1. Rapid Test Antibody

Rapid Antibody Test is carried out to find out or detect the presence of antibodies to the SARS virus because if someone is infected with the SARS CoV2 virus, then that person's body will form specific antibodies against the SARS CoV2 virus.

  1. Rapid Test Antigen (Swab Antigen)

Swab antigen Covid-19 adalah tes usap untuk mendeteksi keberadaan antigen virus SARS-CoV-2 yang mengindikasikan terjadinya infeksi oleh virus tersebut pada tubuh seseorang. Tes mengambil sampel lewat usapan dari dalam hidung (nasofaring). WHO menganjurkan penggunaan alat tes antigen setidaknya dengan sensitivitas 80 persen dan spesifitas 97 persen. Di klinik kami tes swab dilakukan langsung oleh dokter yang terlatih.

For those of You who want to do the examination in our clinic, please contact our staff at the Clinic Takenoko nearby.

Takenoko Clinic's Mutual Cooperation Vaccination

Vaccination of Mutual Assistance is a program service of vaccination Covid-19 to the employer/employee and family funding borne by the company/ legal entity/ entities.

Here are the steps for companies that want to register in the Vaccination of Mutual Cooperation:
  1. Companies register Vaccine Mutual Cooperation through the CHAMBER of commerce with the filling :!/kuesioner
  2. After registering the vaccination program to the official website, the company pointed to health care facilities of the private sector as partners to vaccinate. The list via the following link:
  3. Company register the company to Bio Farma via e-mail.

Clinic Takenoko has started a data collection company that plans to implement the vaccination with Mutual Cooperation with the Clinic Takenoko. The decision of the implementation of the vaccination will be carried out by Bio Farma or the CHAMBER of commerce in accordance stock availability of the vaccine.

Please fill out the form above.

*The Data provided is confidential and will not be disseminated.

The terms and conditions of the recipient of the vaccine:
  1. The recipient of the vaccine in the program to employees, along with the nuclear family (father, mother, children, brothers directly) from employee/employee of the company who enroll in the program
  2. Do not have chronic diseases such as heart disease, autoimmune, chronic kidney, hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, as well as cancer.
  3. Not currently experiencing an acute infection accompanied by fever, cough, runny nose, diarrhea, etc.
  4. Not being pregnant.
  5. Do not have family members to be patient Covid-19 or are in the care of Covid-19.
  6. Registration applies to companies in which is carried out collectively by the company.
  7. Special to the Vaccine Gotong Royong, product specifications and prices varying with the policy of the government.

For complete information about the Vaccine Program Gotong Royong, you can access

For information and questions regarding the Mutual Cooperation Vaccine at the Takenoko Clinic, please contact: